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Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or kitten or spending the golden years with your senior pet, we’ll be there. WellHaven Pet Health Bloomington is a full-service veterinary medical clinic, offering everything from wellness care to surgical services, and everything in between. And if you’re experiencing an emergency, we’ll be there for that, too.

Our staff has decades of veterinary services experience and we provide a calm, welcoming environment for pets and pet owners. We have state-of-the-art veterinary care equipment and we give our doctors and vet techs the support they need to treat your furry friends as effectively as possible.

Bloomington, MN veterinarian services

Compassionate Veterinary Services in Bloomington, MN

Whether it’s an injury, regularly scheduled vaccinations, or something that just doesn’t seem right with your pet, reach out to WellHaven. We can’t wait to see your pet and see how we can help. Take a look at our care services below for more information.

Please note: we are a dog and cat clinic only.

Preventive Care

Protecting your pet from illness and disease will go a long way to preventing stressful – and costly – issues down the road. Setting a baseline of your pet’s health from the start, we can schedule vaccinations as well as monthly medication and annual testing to prevent fleas, ticks, and other parasites from taking up residence on your pet.

Annual Exams

We want your pets to live a long and healthy life and provide you with years of unmitigated joy, love, and laughter. With annual exams, you can make sure your pet is enjoying their life as much as you enjoy them. We offer full “nose to tail” diagnostics, checking eyes, ears, nose, teeth, and everything else.

Care Companion Plan

Life can get pretty hairy (so to speak) and it’s not always easy to remember upcoming vaccinations or prepare for the unexpected. That’s why WellHaven created the Care Companion Plan. This monthly cost will cover annual exams, monthly medications, and just about everything else you’ll need for the upcoming year.

Nutritional Counseling

Specific breeds of dogs and cats have specific nutrition needs. Yes, we understand your dog really really wants a piece of bacon, but could it could affect their digestive system in negative ways. Does your kitty need to drop a few pounds or has a new food left Fido in a funk? Let WellHaven give you some guidelines.


Your pet’s dental care is more important than you think! Just like with your oral care, tooth problems can lead to bigger issues throughout the body if not addressed. Infections can spread through the bloodstream, affecting the liver, kidneys, heart, and other major organs. Tooth pain may also cause problems when it comes to eating and otherwise stresses your pet.

Internal Medicine

It’s not always easy to see what’s bothering our pets with a visual inspection. We provide inside-out care for your pet, using the latest equipment to quickly diagnose your furbaby. From x-ray equipment to an in-house laboratory, we’re able to test, analyze, and offer recommendations for your pet’s care.

Ready to come see us?

When it comes to the health care of your pet, we take any issues very seriously. If you notice your pet acting unusually, there are obvious issues with their body, or it’s time for a Wellness check, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bloomington, MN, WellHaven veterinary medicine hospital.

Who we are:

WellHaven was born of the conviction that each veterinarian and pet parent makes a difference when it comes to the profession as a whole. We’re here to make them feel supported.

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