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WellHaven Urgent Care in Bloomington is a full-service veterinary urgent care facility for your pet’s unexpected medical needs.

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, and your beloved pets deserve immediate attention and care when they arise. Our dedicated team of compassionate veterinarians and staff are here to provide urgent care services to ensure the well-being of your furry family members.

WellHaven provides a calm, welcoming environment for pets and their humans during unpredictable veterinary visits. Our staff is specifically trained to quickly and efficiently respond to your pet’s urgent medical needs with a significantly lower wait time than a typical veterinary ER. We also do our best to keep pets and their owners together as much as we can throughout our triage process.

Bloomington, MN veterinarian services
Bloomington, MN veterinarian services

What’s Considered a Pet Emergency?

Some common examples of conditions that require urgent care include:

Severe injury or pain – Fractures, deep wounds, severe bleeding, or any injury that causes significant distress.
Trauma – If your pet was involved in an incident that caused head or spinal injuries.
Poisoning – Ingestion of toxic substances such as chemicals, plants, medications, or certain human foods can be life-threatening.
Seizures – Prolonged or cluster seizures are emergencies that require care.
Allergic reactions – Severe swelling, difficulty breathing, and hives.
Heatstroke – Pets can overheat in hot weather, leading to heatstroke, which is a medical emergency.
Severe vomiting or diarrhea – Continuous vomiting, bloody diarrhea, or signs of severe dehydration require attention.
Bloat – This is a life-threatening condition that can occur in dogs.
Difficulty urinating – It’s a painful and dangerous condition that needs immediate attention.

Why Choose Our Veterinary Urgent Care Center?

We Offer Compassionate Care: We approach every scenario with empathy and compassion. We know that when your pet is unwell, it can be a stressful and worrying time. Rest assured, we’ll treat your pet as if they were our own.

Urgent Care Expertise: Our veterinarians and supporting staff are highly trained and experienced in urgent care medicine. They are skilled at diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions, from minor ailments to more serious issues.

Our State-of-the-Art Facilities: We’ve equipped our clinic with cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment tools to ensure we can quickly and accurately diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.

Convenient Location: Our veterinary urgent care center is conveniently located for quick access in emergency situations.

Bloomington, MN veterinarian services

Experiencing an emergency? Call us to have your pet seen right away.

Our urgent care center is equipped to provide specialized in-house lab testing with quick result times. This includes high quality digital x-rays with expert consultation from a board-certified veterinary radiologist.

We also offer a full scale surgical suite and sophisticated anesthesia planning and monitoring for many emergency surgeries, and comprehensive in-house pharmacy with extensive injectable and oral medications.

Let WellHaven Urgent Care be there for your family when your primary care vet cannot. We understand that when your pet is in distress, you need a trusted partner to provide the best care possible.

Our doctors and support staff have years of experience in urgent care, surgery, wound management, chronic disease management, animal behavior, and so much more. We work closely with your primary care vet to provide comprehensive care and a seamless transition of care.

Does your pet need urgent care services?

How to contact us:


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Phone: 612-930-4478
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Hospital Hours

Sunday/Monday: 10am-10pm
Tues/Wed: 12pm-8pm
Thurs/Frid: 12pm-10pm
Sat: Closed

WellHaven Pet Health Bloomington
2240 West 80 1/2 Street, Suite A
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